Multidisciplinary Psychology: A Journal of Collaboration

Publication Ethics Statement and Acceptance Rate

Publication Criteria:

Submissions to “Multidisciplinary Psychology: A Journal of Collaboration” should adhere to rigorous scholarly standards. Manuscripts should present well-designed studies, robust methodologies, and meaningful contributions to the respective areas of psychology. We value open dialogue, diverse viewpoints, and a commitment to advancing psychological knowledge.

Article Acceptance Rate

At Multidisciplinary Psychology: A Journal of Collaboration, we take great pride in maintaining a rigorous review process to ensure the quality and relevance of the articles we publish. Our dedicated team of reviewers and editors works diligently to evaluate each submission thoroughly.

We are pleased to report that our journal maintains a competitive acceptance rate, typically ranging from 20% to 25% for submitted articles. This carefully managed acceptance rate underscores our unwavering commitment to publishing only the highest-quality research and upholding the standards of excellence in the field of psychology.

This selective acceptance rate allows us to spotlight the most valuable contributions to the multidisciplinary field of psychology, offering our readers access to cutting-edge research and insights.

If you are contemplating submitting your work to our journal, we encourage you to ensure that your manuscript aligns with our aims and scope and to review our submission guidelines meticulously to maximize your chances of successful publication. We eagerly await the opportunity to consider your contributions to our journal.