Online Journal of Interprofessional Health Promotion

Online Journal of Interprofessional Health Promotion
Editor-in-Chief: Susan Lacey, University of Louisiana Monroe
Patti Calk, University of Louisiana Monroe

The Online Journal of Interprofessional Health Promotion is a multidisciplinary online journal which seeks to publish original research from health care disciplines including nursing, pharmacology, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, nutrition and medicine. OJIHP will accept articles that address positive health practice outcomes, education and research within any of these disciplines or among any multidisciplinary group of health related groups. Online Journal of Interprofessional Health Promotion.

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Current Issue: Volume 3, Issue 1 (2021) Teaching and Clinical Innovations During the COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 Issue
From the Editors

The COVID-19 pandemic altered life and livelihoods in unprecedented ways. For those of us in academia, strategies that allowed students to continue their education had to be implemented at what could be characterized as lightning speed. Faculty proved up to the task amid the backdrop of the pandemic. The intent of this special COVID issue was to hear about educators’ lived experiences when faced with challenges beyond their expertise. Thus, we accepted several non-researched based articles and commentaries.

In this issue, you will read articles and commentaries about how these faculty rose to the occasion, whether through the development of innovative virtual clinical experiences or using new technology to substitute for live clinical experiences. In addition, you will learn about a study that evaluated an interprofessional experience with physical therapy and physician assistant students. Finally, you will read about the concept of belongingness and how this help shapes nursing students’ perceptions of their education.

We hope you enjoy this compilation and gain a deeper appreciation for the faculties’ commitment to their students. Thank you for visiting our website and learning from your colleagues.


Patti Calk, OTD, M.Ed., LOTR Program Director, ULM Master of Occupational Therapy

Susan Lacey, RN, PhD, CNL, FAAN ULM Endowed Chair for Nursing



Joining Forces: A Response to Limited Clinical Sites During the Covid-19 Pandemic
Katherine Dixon, Leah Hawsey, Jan Shows, and Candace Gandy