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Frothy Monkey: Getting to the Other Side


Frothy Monkey, a group of neighborhood cafes located in Middle Tennessee, is led by former drummer, Ryan Pruitt. Frothy's supply-chain model relies on local ingredients to create original dishes served in a cozy and approachable atmosphere. As Frothy was preparing to open its sixth location, Nashville was hit by both a major tornado and a national pandemic in a matter of days. This case tells the story of a company's business environment that changed literally overnight from great to disastrous and a leadership team that somehow steered the organization to a new horizon with suprisingly encouraging prospects for post-crisis growth. Given an unparalleled level of transparency by company leadership through providing the authors with full access to the company's Slack channel during the crises, the authors are able to offer students a true fly-on-the-wall view of the inner deliberations and decisions of a leadership team bent on turning lemons into lemonade.

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