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COVID-19 came with a vengeance to the southern U.S. and had a significant impact on higher education. Both students and faculty were greatly affected. There was a rush to transform on-campus classes to online formats. Many faculty and students who lived in rural areas or where internet speeds were slow or without internet, scrambled to obtain service. This made engaging in online classes difficult and in some cases impossible. Additionally, issues arose with the use of different programs and with trying to put classrooms into an electronic format such as moving classroom lectures to Kaltura™, learning how to load video to Moodle™, and loading of various types of other files. Long hours went into this conversion to online learning and adjustments from both faculty and students were made to ensure completion of the semester. With much diligence, it ended as well as it could with an experience in growth for faculty and students.

Keywords: COVID-19, internet, virtual, change, digital

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