Journal of Interprofessional Practice and Collaboration


This study aimed to observe the effects that an LSVT BIG for LIFE® program had on functional performance and overall health related quality of life. Method. Seven participants with Parkinson’s disease participated in onsite LSVT BIG for LIFE sessions throughout a 40-week program. Each session included the completion of seven LSVT BIG® exercises, one functional component task (sit to stand), a mindfulness activity, and a functional activity. Seven standardized assessments including the Box and Blocks Test (BBT), Falls Efficacy Scale (FES), Parkinson’s Disease Questionnaire-39 (PDQ-39), Patient Specific Functional Scale (PSFS), Physical Performance Test (PPT), Timed Up and Go (TUG), and Short Blessed Test (SBT) were used to determine functional gains and self-perceived outcomes. Adherence to a homework protocol and verbal feedback regarding group dynamics were also recorded and analyzed. Results. There was a statistically significant change between pre- and post- test averages of the BBT and SBT. Clinically meaningful improvements in gross manual dexterity, functional performance during simulated activities of daily living, cognition, and self-perceived confidence during performance of daily tasks and health related quality of life were found. Discussion/Conclusions. A LSVT BIG for LIFE maintenance program may improve or maintain functional performance in people with Parkinson’s disease. Because of the preliminary nature of this study and sample size, results could not be effectively generalized.



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