: Faculty –to- faculty incivility within schools of nursing is a growing problem. Incivility amongst nursing faculty has the potential to effect other nursing faculty, nursing students, the school of nursing, and increase the risk of harm to patients in the clinical setting. A common recommendation for addressing faculty-to-faculty incivility is an educational offering about civility, incivility, and methods to address incivility. Ideally, an educational intervention about incivility can decrease levels of incivility in nursing education thereby increasing the amount of civility within the organization. The purpose of the research was to measure the impact of an educational intervention on nursing faculty’s perception of faculty-to faculty incivility within a school of nursing utilizing the Faculty-to-Faculty Incivility Survey (F-FI). The research design was a quasi-experimental, one group, pretest – post-test design using a convenience sample. The research hypothesized an educational offering would have an impact on the faculty’s perception of faculty-to-faculty incivility in a school of nursing. The data analysis using the Wilcoxon Rank Sums test supported the null hypothesis. The null hypothesis stated there would be no statistical significant difference between the pre-educational and post-educational scores on the F-FI. The results of the research supports the need for multiple interventions to address faculty-to-faculty incivility in nursing education.



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