Journal of Interprofessional Practice and Collaboration

Volume 1, Issue 1 (2019) Inaugural Issue for the Online Journal of Interprofessional Health Promotion

The Editorial Board for the Online Journal of Interprofessional Health Promotion is delighted to present the inaugual issue for this journal. OJIHP was designed to provide faculty and students a venue to share relevant health promotion articles and research, especially those with an interdisciplinary focus. Interprofessional education and health related activities have rapidly risen to high attention in college and university campuses across the nation. National accrediting agencies expect to find evidence of IPE work on campuses among pharmacy, allied health, and nursing programs of study. The better our health professional learn to work together in their formative education, the more likely they will be to engage in interdisciplinary health care for their communities. Health promotion is a key phenomena of interest for this journal. This is a focus that all health disciplines can relate to in their training and workplaces. It is essential that health care professionals seek to find ways to promote health and prevent illness, rather than follow after the sickness model for health care. Every disease process prevented represents considerable savings of health care dollars. And every health promotion activity fosters a longer, and higher quality life for the patients we serve. This first issue provides quite a variety of interprofessional articles. You will find very interesting readings in several articles in this issue that discuss educational offerings and activities bringing various health care disciplines together to promote IPE (interprofessional education) activities. The article on Spring into Health: An Interdisciplinary education Health Fair provides insight on working with other health disciplines to provide health promotion to a community through a health fair event. The article Collaborative Allied Health and Nursing Interprofessional Health Education: Beginning the Journey provides a road map for other programs seeking to increase their IPE educational offerings. Some of the articles present original research topics of interest to various health professions. Dr. Arrant presents an overview of her research using a yoga intervention to help relieve stress and improve sleep quality for post menopausal women. Faculty will gain insights reading Dr. Bailey's discussion of using an educational intervention to address and improve faculty to faculty incivility. From the Health Studies fields there are articles that discuss health related trainings for high school foot ball coaches and athletic trainers in regard to concussion management. Be sure to read the article about pre-briefing to learn strategies to maximize simulation based learning scenarios. The Editorial Board hopes that you find stimulating reading and challenging ideas for your own practice and education. We encourage you to consider submitting your own research or articles for future publications. The OJIHP will publish twice yearly, our second edition will be ready March 1, 2020. The deadline to submit for the March edition is December 1, 2019. We look forward to assisting you in the writing/publishing process.


Spring Into Health: An Interprofessional Education Health Fair
Savannah Parker, Cassie Crew, and Savannah Posey